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Welcome to the Malik Mobile site, a Web resource that helps you stay in touch with your old and new friends. The Malik Mobile site ( (herein after.the Site) is a network project uniting people on the basis of education or employment places.

Malik Mobile does not host any files on it is servers. All files or contents hosted on third party websites. does not accept responsibility for contents hosted on third party websites. We just index those links which are already available in internet I’m Not VIOLATING Any COPYRIGHTED LAW. If Anything Is Against LAW, Please Notify Me So That It Can Be Removed.

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We remove postings as soon as we can, usually within 4 days. Thank you for your understanding.

1 - General

1.1. These Rules are an official document of "Malik Mobile" and determine the method of processing and protecting information on the individuals using (hereinafter the Site) and its services (hereinafter the Users).

1.2. The purpose of these Rules is to ensure due protection of the user information, including personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

1.3. The relations connected with the collection, storage, distribution and protection of the Site users information are governed by these Rules, other official documents of the Site Administration and effective Pakistan/US legislation.

1.4. The current version of the Rules, which are a public document, is available to any Internet user by clicking The Site Administration has the right to modify these Rules. In case changes are made to these Rules, the Site Administration shall notify the users by posting the new version of the Rules on the Site permanently at not later than 10 days before such changes become effective. The previous versions of the Rules are stored in the Site Administration’s documentation archive.

1.5. These Rules have been developed and are used in accordance with the Site Use Rules available at In case of contradictions between these Rules and other official documents of the Site Administration, these Rules will prevail.

1.6. By registering and using the Site the User agrees with the conditions of these Rules.

1.7. In case the User disagrees with the conditions of these Rules, the use of the Site and its services must be stopped immediately.

2 - Terms And Conditions

2.1. By making available the Site and its services (hereinafter the Site Services), the Site Administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User: has all necessary rights to register on and use this Site; provides true information about himself (herself) to the extent necessary for use of the Site Services; understands that the personal information posted by the User may become available to other Site Users and Internet users, be copied and disseminated by such users; understands that some types of information transferred by him / her to other Users cannot be deleted by the User himself / herself; is aware of and accepts these Rules and assumes the rights and obligations provided by these Rules.
2.2. The Site Administration does not check the user information received (collected), except where such check is necessary in order for the Site Administration to fulfill its obligations to the User.

3 - User Information

3.1. Users’ personal data
The Users’ personal data include:
3.2. data that are provided by the Users and are minimally necessary for registering on the Site: name, surname, sex, mobile/phone number;
3.3. data that are provided by the Users using the edit section for their Site pages (including family status, date of birth, native city, family relations, home address, education details);
3.4. data that are provided by the Users additionally at the Site Administration’s request to enable the Site Administration to fulfill its obligations to the Users under the Site Service contract (e.g., in case the User requests restoration of his / her page that is not linked to a mobile phone number). Among other things, the Site Administration has the right to request that the User produce a copy of the identity document or another document containing the User’s name, surname, photograph as well as other additional information which, at the discretion of the Site Administration, is necessary and sufficient to identify such User and prevent abuses and infringements of third parties’ rights.

4 - User’s Rights And Obligations

4.1. The User has the right to:
4.1.1. access their information without restrictions and free of charge by loading his / her personal page on the Site with the use of login and password;
4.1.2. establish, using the Site tools, the desired confidentiality level for his / her information (conditions of access to information) in accordance with clause 5.3 hereof;
4.1.3. independently make changes and corrections to his / her information on the User’s personal page on the Site, provided that such changes and corrections contain up-to-date and true information;
4.1.4. remove his / her information from his / her personal page on the Site;
4.1.5. request that the Site Administration update, block or delete his / her personal data, if such data are incomplete, outdated, untrue, unlawfully received or are not necessary for the declared purpose of processing or if the actions specified in sub-clauses 4.1.3 and 4.1.4 hereof cannot be implemented independently;
4.1.5.request information from the Site Administration regarding the processing of his / her personal data.
4.2. As the Site is an all-in-one means of communication and search for people:
4.2.1. User’s surname and name;
4.2.2. date of birth, profile photograph, city, name of the higher educational institution the User currently attends or has graduated from, year (planned year) of graduation from the higher educational institution, name of the university department the User currently attends or has graduated from, and the User’s entries in the microblog (“Wall”), if the User has posted this information on the Site in the My Page section;
4.2.3. information on the User’s subscriptions and subscribers;
4.2.4. list of the User’s friends, except the limited list of friends the User preferred to hide.

5 - Malik Mobile Partner Monetisation Policies

5.1. Post Start With 100 Keywords Text Plus Images.
5.1.1. Without Text Images or Video not Allow.
5.1.2. English keywords Posts Allow Only.
5.1.3. Stop Duplicate Posts.
5.1.4. Make His Sure Before Withdraw Request that You all Posts Eligibility Standards.
5.1.5. Before Withdraw Request Make To Sure Your Profile Completely Verified.
5.1.6. In order for publishers and creators to make money from their Todayactess content, they must comply with a set of rules called Partner Monetisation Policies. These rules apply to behaviours, Pages and payments. There is a separate set of policies specifically for monetised content. These Content Monetisation Policies can be explored in the "Learn more" section below.
These rules apply to all content, Pages and Profiles on Network.